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título : Au Coeur Des Saveurs
categoría : Food & Drink
ISBN : 9788472120747
páginas : 320
autor : Frederic Bau
editor : Montagud Editores
Release Date : 1998-04-23
formato : ePub/Textbook/Doc/PDF

Revisión Editorial

Au Coeur des Saveurs already a classic, devoted to patisserie and dessert making. Au Coeur des Saveurs is the first book written by young French patissier Frédéric Bau. He may be young, but he has already earned the notice and respect of his peers. Paul Bocuse says of Frédéric Bau and this book: "This unconventional pastry chef never ceases to amaze me; not only has he actively contributed to the fame of Valrhona chocolates over the past ten years, which in turn has enabled him to discover the world, but has now, despite his youth, produced this astonishing book to satisfy the curiosity of the professionals." Frédéric Bau's highly deserved prestige at this international level comes as as result of his innovative nature and his creativity applied to experimenting all possible combinations of flavors and textures.

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